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Bugatti Chiron sets world record with 304-mph top speed

The Bugatti Chiron is officially the world’s fastest supercar — and by quite a long shot, too. Top Gear broke the news on Monday, confirming Bugatti test driver, Andy Wallace, reached a v-max of 304.77 miles per hour on the Volkswagen Group’s Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany. The insane top speed was verified by Germany’s […]


AMR versions come first, but a seven-speed stick will be offered in all Vantages soon Aston Martin is giving its splendid V8 Vantage the AMR — Aston Martin Racing, that is — treatment for 2020. It’s lighter than the standard Vantage by about 200 pounds and will get a limited run of 200 cars. An even more exclusive […]


Bugatti Chiron Sport ‘110 ans Bugatti’ pays tribute to France 20 examples of 1,480-hp hypercar will celebrate 110th anniversary with French tricolor Bugatti is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, and this calls for an exclusive, special-edition run of the marque’s already exclusive cars. This task falls to the Chiron, which will celebrate the milestone with just […]

LAMBORGHINI HURACAN EVO – 0-60 MPH: 2.9 seconds (0-62mph)

LAMBORGHINI HURACAN EVO MORE POWER, BOTH COMPUTATIONAL AND ACTUAL Lessons learned from the Huracan Performante are incorporated in this new iteration Huracan, as well as a big ole processor to handle more ones and zeros Lamborghini has updated the fantastic Huracan and added Evo to its name to prove it. Visually, the changes are evolutionary and, to many, […]

McLaren sells a record 4,806 cars –

McLaren McLaren fights assimilation, sells a record 4,806 cars — and exactly zero crossovers! — in 2018 The ‘let’s only build cool cars’ strategy seems to be paying off Every time we go to test-drive a new McLaren (the things we do for you, the readers!), the Woking-based automaker likes to fill us in on how things […]

Let’s go racing … in our Lambo Uruses!

Urus ST-X concept previews a lighter, infotainment-free SUV A single-make SUV racing series is not something that pops up every few years for obvious reasons, and a single-make SUV racing series based on a very plush, very expensive SUV promises to be an even rarer event. But that’s exactly what Lamborghini plans to do with its new Urus model, […]